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FTA2019-32 – Notice of NFX Energy Broker Incentive Program Expiration

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Futures Trader Alert #2019-032 Nasdaq Futures
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When Is It Time To Get Out ?

WHEN DO YOU EXIT A TRADE ?— The biggest question that I have been asked is when do I exit a winning trade and when do I exit a losing trade? In my opinion the rule of thumb that I use is placing my stop loss at the 10 day high if I’m short or a 10 day low if…

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Will Hog Prices Fill The Price Gap ?

Lean Hog Futures—Hog futures in the February contract is trading sharply lower for the 4th consecutive session down another 172 points at 70.27 continuing its bearish momentum. If you have been following any of my previous blogs you understand that I thought the price gap that was created on September 12th at 68.52 will be filled and then I will…

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Building An Edge: Trading Live Futures With The Potential To Win

By definition, a trading edge is an approach to the market that creates an advantage over other participants. Finding or designing such an advantage for live futures requires some work. Nonetheless, if established and applied over time, the rewards from building an edge may exceed all expectations. The Anatomy of an Edge Edges come in… Read more.

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The Swine Times 11/18-11/22

Quiet night at the CBOT for feed grains, soybeans give back yesterday’s gains. Cotton cant buy a rally amidst falling conditions.

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Here Is My Soybean Trade

Soybean Futures—Soybean futures settled last Friday in Chicago at 9.31 a bushel while currently trading at 9.23 as I am now recommending a short position while placing the stop loss above the 10-day high standing at 9.42 to as the risk is around $1,000 per contract plus slippage & commission. Soybean prices are trading slightly above their 20-day but still…

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What Is A Rounding Top Chart Pattern ?

What Is A Rounding Top Chart Pattern ? A chart pattern used in technical analysis which is identified by price movements that, when graphed, form the shape of an upside down “U”. A rounding top may form at the end of an extended upward trend and indicates a reversal in the long-term price movement. The pattern can develop over several…

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Keep A Close Eye On Cotton Prices

Cotton Futures—Cotton futures in the March contract  is currently trading slightly lower for the 2nd consecutive session down 10 points at 65.95 as I will be looking at a possible short position if prices break the 65.00 level while then placing the stop loss above the most recent high standing at 67.13 as the risk would be around $1,100 per…

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