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Turner’s Take Podcast: The Bull and the Bear Case for Corn and Soybeans

Corn and soybeans both broke through support today.  The demand bears have been in full control of the market while the supply bulls are in retreat.  In this podcast we go over the bull and the bear cases.  What each of them thinks and why.  Below are the Supply and Demand tables I talk about on the podcast.  I’ll add some color to the tables below but take a listen to Turner’s Take Podcast for a full explanation.

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AgMaster 7-30-2019

SEPT CORN   Supply Bulls vs Demand Bears! However, moderating temps have weakened The Bull’s position while disappointing US/China trade talks have strengthened  the Bears […]

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Limit Up/Limit Down Trading Rule—Look At Hogs

TRADING THEORY—This is an outstanding rule to understand as when a market trades limit down such as what cotton did in today’s trading session that tells you there is a high probability that prices will open lower on the open in tomorrow’s trading session as buying limit down is a fool’s game. Remember when a market closes limit down there…

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[VIDEO] Rath Overlay | July 29th 2019 | DowJones, Currencies, Metals, Bonds

Latest “Rath Overlay” Drew Rathgeber’s simple but unique EMA cross strategy using multiple moving averages and different times to come up with current trends within the Commodity Futures markets. Through the use of his green screen technology this a new and unique way looking into the commodity markets.  It’s a must watch!   Try AccuMarkets… Read more.

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Trade Alert: Crude Oil Seasonal Spread Entry – July 30, 2019

See the seasonal explanation and technical analysis for the trade opportunity in the October 2019 / March 2020 Natural Gas Spread from The Seasonal Spread Trader newsletter.

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4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence | A Hypothetical Evolution of An Elite-Level Trader


This article on  the 4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence is the opinion of Optimus Futures

4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence

If you’ve ever taken the time to learn a skill properly, you would’ve realized rather quickly that the more you know, the more you actually don’t know. You’ve likely figured out that there’s yet another hill to climb, an even higher one, having reached the previous hill’s peak.

To take another metaphorical approach, now that you’ve dipped your toe into the water, you look out to see that the entire ocean is much deeper and more expansive than you had initially thought. And it seems never-ending.

So how can you gauge your competence? Well, in trading, one way is to pay attention

The post 4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence | A Hypothetical Evolution of An Elite-Level Trader appeared first on Futures Day Trading Strategies.

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Trading The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Since the surprise victory of Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election, millions of eyes have drawn a hard focus on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. No matter your profession or walk of life, one thing is for certain: It will be nearly impossible to escape the hype surrounding next fall’s U.S. general election. The… Read more.

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Should You Answer A Margin Call ?

TRADING THEORY—Never answer a margin call because you are probably over trading and most likely the position is going against you and probably have lost much more than 2% on that trade. Never allow this to happen to you because you always want to have sufficient margin in your trading account just in case the exchange raises margin and that…

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Breaking Down Farm Aid 2019 Compared To Farm Aid 2018

The marketing years of 2018/19 and 2019/20 will go down in history as being a pivotal time in U.S. agriculture. A budding trade war between economic superpowers and extreme weather patterns were key underpinnings of a nearly-unprecedented period of ag market turbulence. Given the extraordinary geopolitical and atmospheric events, the U.S. federal government launched a… Read more.

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