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Corn and beans see follow through buying while wheat continues to pressure May lows in KC and Minny

Corn and beans see follow through buying while wheat continues to pressure May lows in KC and Minny. Cotton export sales were flat

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Pre-Trade Checklist | Using Scoresheets to Prepare for Your Next Futures Trade


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Pre-Trade Checklist

When given the choice between trading objectively and trading solely “from the gut,” chances are that an objective approach might suit you better. Elite traders (as we covered in a previous article) may be able to combine both, trading intuitively or, as the cliché goes, “in the zone.” But rarely would they rely solely on one or the other, as intuitive decision-making often relies on both capacities combined–that is, being able to harmoniously fuse objective and subjective approaches.

One simple but effective way to make objective decisions while trading is to keep a pre-trade checklist with scoresheet in hand. It isn’t rocket science, but the simplicity of the

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CBOT markets have one more day before delivery starts, markets continue to fade

Quiet night at the CBOT for feed grains, soybeans give back yesterday’s gains. Cotton cant buy a rally amidst falling conditions.

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No Blogs Today—Sorry

Hello Everybody,   My older brother and father have both passed away over the last couple of days as I will not be able to work today as I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as this has been a difficult situation—THANK YOU ALL

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Turner’s Take Podcast: Projected Ending Stocks for 2020-21 Are Concerning

This week we take another look at 2020-21 corn and soybeans projections.  We make conservative assumptions about 2019-20 final production and 2020-21 acres, yields, and demand.  If there are no big production surprises in the US or South America, then corn and soybeans could be substantially lower next year.  ASF will be an issue for global feed demand and the US/China trade war has no end in sight.  Take a listen to Turner’s Take Podcast to learn more.

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What Is A Double Bottom Chart Pattern ? Look At Mexican Peso

What Is A Double Bottom Chart Pattern ? A pattern used in technical analysis to predict the reversal of a prolonged downtrend. The pattern is identified when the price of commodity creates 2 sell offs at nearly the same price level. The 2nd bounce off the support is an indication that buying interest (demand) is outweighing selling interest (supply) and…

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Making Money with CL Futures

If you’re interested in engaging the global crude oil complex, you need to be aware of these two futures contracts: North Sea Brent (Brent) and West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Although Brent is widely viewed as the international standard for crude oil, WTI has become the futures industry’s energy benchmark. Featuring an average daily volume of… Read more.

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Mike Seery’s Daily Commodity Comments For 8-23-19

Soybean Futures—Soybean futures in the November contract settled last Friday in Chicago at 8.79 a bushel while currently trading at 8.62 down about $0.17 for the trading week as prices are hovering right near a 3 month low. I have been recommending a bearish position from the 8.80 level and if you took that trade continue to place the stop…

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AgMaster 8-23-19

DEC CORN   Another bearish report from the USDA has brought Dec Corn all the way back from Where it started up – back in […]

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