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AGMASTER 9-19-19

DEC CORN It took a slightly bearish Sept USDA Report last Thur to “stop the bleeding” – and Even more – put in a seasonal […]

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Coffee Prices Lower On Rain Forecast

Coffee Futures—Coffee futures in the December contract is trading higher by 65 points at 99.00 a pound after settling last Friday in New York at 102.75 down about 375 points for the trading week unable to crack the 105 level which was hit earlier in the week. I have been recommending a bullish position from around the 101 level and…

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[VIDEO] Rath Overlay | September 18th 2019 | Futures Markets | DowJones, Gold, Euro, plus many more!

Watch Sr. Broker Drew Rathgeber give a [VIDEO] presentation for all of your favorite Commodity Futures Markets to include DowJones Industrial, 30YR T-Bonds, Gold, Silver, Euro Currency, Oil, etc. This is a unique presentation in [VIDEO] format making it easy for you to watch! Last about 5 minutes and will give a broad overview of… Read more.

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Meetings in DC Today Between US-China negotiators. USDA Export Sales Fantastic for Corn and Beans Weak for Cotton

Meetings in DC today between US-China negotiators. USDA export sales fantastic for corn and beans, weak for cotton

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Turner’s Take Podcast: Time is Running Out For 2019 Grains and Oilseeds

In our latest podcast we go over the expected Fed interest rate cut, the attack on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil operations, Chinese soybean purchases, and what we want to do in the grain markets for 2020.  We also talk about livestock, Trump’s disposition to choose financial wars over military wars, and finishing weather for US crops.  Make sure you take a listen to Turner’s Take Podcast

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My Consolidation Rule—Look At Soybean Meal

How long does a meaningful consolidation has to last before you enter a trade ? In my opinion I always want to see a consolidation that lasts at least 8 or more weeks before I would consider entering. The reason that I want a longer consolidation is to try and avoid a bunch of false breakouts such as a 10…

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When To Exit Theory !

    WHEN IS IT TIME TO SELL ? In my opinion if you are long a futures contract and you have lost 2% of your account balance on that trade exit and move on and look at other trends that are beginning as the theory states. Generally speaking if you long a futures contract I would place the stop…

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Why Futures Traders Should Not Hold Day Trading Positions Overnight


This article on overnight futures trading is the opinion of Optimus Futures

Holding Positions Overnight

What Is an Overnight Position?

An overnight position is simply any position held beyond the market close. Later today, for example, the ES will stop trading at 5pm EDT. But “tomorrow’s” trading day begins an hour after close, at 6pm EDT. Confusing? It can be. There is no “overnight” close. The ES trades around the clock from Sunday 6pm to Friday at 5pm with one hour close at the end of each weekday. “Overnight” is a misleading term, simply because most commodities trade around the clock (24-hours) five days a week.

Many day traders, particularly new ones, make the mistake of holding positions overnight. Sometimes the mistake is unintentional, and

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Do You Understand Chart Structure ? Cocoa Vs Crude Oil

What do I mean when I talk about chart structure and why do I think it’s so important when deciding to enter or exit a trade? I define chart structure as a slow grinding up or down trend with low volatility and no chart gaps. Many of the great trends that develop have very good chart structure with many low…

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Hog futures rallied substantially last week, cash did not.We look for a near term high to be made this week in V and Z

Hog futures rallied substantially last week, cash did not.We look for a near term high to be made this week in V and Z if bullish news slows

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