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Platinum Prices Higher 3rd Day In A Row

Platinum Futures–Platinum futures in the January is currently trading higher for the 3rd consecutive trading session up another $4 at 934 an ounce hitting a 5 week high as I am currently not involved, but I do think prices are going higher and look to test the $1,000 level in the coming weeks ahead. If you are long a futures…

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Wheat Stop At 5.04 Hard Basis Only

Wheat Futures—Wheat futures in the December contract is trading lower by 2 cents at 5.09 a bushel right near a 2 week low as prices have stalled out over the last week. I have been recommending a bullish position from around the 4.82 level and if you took that trade the stop loss stands at 5.04 on a hard basis…

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Technical Strategies for Trading ES Futures in Live Time

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the largest futures and options marketplace in the world. The CME facilitates the trade of nearly everything under the sun, from corn and gold to weather and real estate indices. Among its most popular offerings is the E-mini S&P (ES) 500. ES futures are located in the equities index portion… Read more.

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Turner’s Take Podcast: Grains Grind Lower

Corn and Soybeans continue to grind lower. The market on the CBOT with the most potential seems to be rice. Rice is too small a market to give advice about in a podcast or newsletter. Call 800-958-9470 for more details

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Trading Theory—When Is It Time To Exit ?

WHEN DO YOU EXIT A TRADE ?— The biggest question that I have been asked is when do I exit a winning trade and when do I exit a losing trade? In my opinion the rule of thumb that I use is placing my stop loss at the 10 day high if I’m short or a 10 day low if…

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The Swine Times 10/28-11/1

Summer contracts took it on the chin as cash was supportive the front of the curve.We will look to buy Z or G-J spreads on breaks, next week

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The Best Way To Learn Futures Trading With Zero Risk

The Best Way to Learn Futures Trading with Zero Risk Unfortunately for those new to active trading, learning costs money. In some cases, it can be a lot of money. However, there’s a simple way to minimize learning costs: You can use a futures simulator to run scenarios without putting capital at risk. What Is… Read more.

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Trade Spotlight: Futures – Weekly Summary: Chicago Wheat, Mini Russell

The stop loss triggered for a profit in the Chicago Wheat position, cancelled the Live Cattle trade, and is working a new E-mini Russell order.

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Wheat Prices Down 11 Cents For Trading Week

Wheat Futures–-Wheat futures in the December contract settled last Friday at 5.32 a bushel while currently trading at 5.21 down about 11 cents for the trading week still digesting the recent run up in prices. I have been recommending a bullish position from around the 4.82 level and if you took that trade place the stop loss at the 10…

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How to Read Level II Market Data | Analyzing Trading Activity on the DOM


The following article on Level II Market Data is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Are you trying to switch to DOM trading? Do you wish to use the data on the DOM to complement your futures trading on the charts?  This article will explain the hidden details behind the flashing numbers that you see on your DOM. Read on to get a better understanding of the Level II data and learn a simple strategy on how to read level II data in order to identify market direction.

What is Level II Market Data?

First, let’s go over what we call Level I.  At its core, Level I

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