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The Top 10 Optimus Futures Trading Articles of 2019


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Traders, it’s that time of year again. It’s hard to believe another year has flown by. So to help everyone catch up, we put together this list of the Top 10 Futures Trading Articles of 2019 from the Optimus Futures Blog.

1. When is the Best Time to Trade the E-Mini Futures?

If you’re a day trader, you probably trade E-mini Futures, as it’s one of the most liquid futures contracts on the market, and one of the most efficient markets in the global economy. This article explores whether there is an optimal time to trade the ES, and if so, when.


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Learn To Trade Futures Spreads On Your Terms

One of the great things about being a modern futures and options trader is the ability to get an education on your own terms. No longer do you have to sign up for expensive seminars or spend four years earning a BS degree in financial management. A vast trading curriculum is available free of charge,… Read more.

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AgMaster 12-27-2019

JAN BEANS   After a near-vertical 70 cent up move from early December, Jan Beans are finally correcting their overbought condition with a 10-12 cent […]

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Can Moving Averages Predict Trend ?

How Can You Use Moving Averages To Your Advantage? A simple moving average is calculated by adding the closing price of a commodity such as crude oil for a number of time periods and then dividing this total by the number of time periods. Short-term averages respond quickly to changes in the price of the underlying commodity, while long-term averages…

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3 Principles for Succeeding in Live Market Futures Trading

When it comes to being successful in live market futures trading, there are several non-negotiable principles that are best respected. If you have a purpose, fully understand risk, and can trade efficiently, then a long career in the markets is possible. Should any of these elements be lacking, a blown-out brokerage account may be closer… Read more.

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Stay Long The Hog Market

Lean Hog Futures–-Hog futures in the February contract is currently trading higher by 47 points at 71.15 hitting a 5-week high continuing its bullish momentum on optimism about the U.S economy which looks to become even stronger in 2020 due to the China trade agreement which will be cemented in the coming weeks ahead. I have been recommending a bullish…

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Money Never Sleeps: Futures Trading Hours Run 23/5

The rise of the electronic marketplace has created many advantages for the active trader, including increased liquidity, ease of market access, and an abundance of opportunities. Extensive futures trading hours is another key benefit that futures market participants enjoy. Crude oil, metals, interest rates, and equity index products are open nearly 24 hours per day,… Read more.

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Silver Prices Hit A 6 Week High

Silver Futures—Silver futures in the March contract is trading higher for the 3rd consecutive session up another $0.20 at 17.42 an ounce as I will be recommending a bullish trade if prices close above 17.41 while then placing the stop loss under the December 9th low of 16.56 as an exit strategy as the risk would be around $1,800 on…

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The Swine Times 12/23-12/27

The pig crop and cold storage reports released after the close on Monday will set a bearish tone into the holiday trade.

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