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What Is Seasonality ? Grain Market Will Be Affected

What do traders mean when they talk about seasonality and its effects on commodity prices? The definition of seasonality states that a characteristic of a certain time when the data experiences regular and predictable changes which occur every calendar year and in a time series that reoccurs or repeats over one year can be said to be seasonal. An example…

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FTA2020-20 – NFX Spot Month Position Limits Notice for April 2020

News Category Alert Markets What You Need To Know
Futures Trader Alert #2020-020 Nasdaq Futures
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Beyond the Spotlight: March 30, 2020 (S&P, Dollar, Cocoa )

Beyond the Spotlight is a weekly video released on Mondays that spotlights two or three markets that may become trading opportunities for the week ahead. This enables you as a subscriber of the Trade Spotlight advisory service to look ahead with us, while potentially creating additional trading opportunities for yourself. The week’s video linked below… Read more.

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Is the Coronavirus Causing a Global Recession?

Traditional financial theory suggests that a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth in a nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). The underpinnings of these types of economic downturns vary. Typically, a recession is attributed to commodity pricing instability, market crashes, inflation, or extraordinary events. Although the official verdict regarding the economic impact of the… Read more.

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AgMaster 3-28-20

MAY BEANS After last week’s key reversal up,  the mkt tacked on another 20 cents this week – which included a very rare six consecutive […]

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Trade Spotlight: Futures – Weekly Summary: Natural Gas

Went long the Natural Gas futures market, however the position is under pressure as the upside monentum has not picked up as anticipated.

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Turner’s Take | Ethanol and Corn

Farm Policy (Univ of IL) is estimating ethanol production will be down about 750mm gallons for March, April, and May.  That is about 250mm bushel of corn lost from decreases in ethanol demand. There will probably be more demand lost in June/July/Aug to round out the marketing year.  Right now we could be looking at 350mm to 400mm bushels of lost demand for 2019-2020 corn.  The big concern is those bushels go right back into the ending stocks on the balance sheet.  

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What Does An Inverted Market Mean? Look At Cattle

What Does An Inverted Market Mean? Its when a futures market where the nearer month contracts are more expensive than the distant months contracts as an inverted market occurs during periods of shortages. Typically, the further months are more expensive because the goods have the additional costs of insurance, storage, and interest costs incurred in borrowing funds to hold the…

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Will FED Rate Cuts Minimize Coronavirus Fallout?

In the modern era, the global credit crunch of 2008 is the standard for financial crises. A product of toxic asset securitization and subprime mortgage lending, 2008 brought to light severe shortcomings in the world’s monetary system. Twelve years later, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has once again forced the hand of the U.S. Federal Reserve… Read more.

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