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Precious Metals: ETFs vs Futures

Gold is hanging around its most expensive prices since futures on the commodity started trading almost half a century ago in 1974. While the price levels have increased, the action around gold has not. Volatility has only risen slightly in gold products, and it is in fact still below its historical average. As gold feels… Read more.

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2020’s 5 Hottest Trading Markets

This has been a historic year in the capital markets, headlined by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A true black swan event, the COVID-19 outbreak injected unprecedented uncertainty into the world’s financial system. If you’ve been active in the markets since Jan. 1, then you’re hip to the huge volatility and volumes of 2020. So… Read more.

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Key Congressional Elections and Their Futures Market Impact

The political calendar of 2020 has been jam-packed with events that have moved the futures market. Impeachment hearings, primary season, conventions, and debates have all been key happenings in a historic electoral cycle. In this blog article, we’ll assess the market dynamics ahead of Election Day 2020. Events Reshaping the 2020 Election At the beginning… Read more.

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Turner’s Take Podcast | Corn and Soybean Seasonality

Seasonally corn and soybeans tend to grind lower for the rest of the summer. We expect seasonal lows to occur at the end of August or by mid September

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AgMaster Report 07/29/2020

SEPT CORN If there were ever any confusion as to who is the 800 POUND GORILLA in the room today’s mkt action confirmed it – […]

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The Benefits of Day Trading Futures | 14 Skills and Attributes Successful Traders Develop Over Their Trading Career


This article on Day Trading Futures is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Day trading futures is as much a mindset as it is a discipline. Developing day trading skills is as much a mental game as it is a matter of accumulating knowledge. Day traders respect “risk” and know it as intimately as possible, like a partner (whether it’s coming from the market, from oneself, or out of pure randomness).

Day trading is an advanced topic, especially when it comes to day trading futures (leveraged instruments that are inherently riskier than most non-leveraged assets). You should definitely know something about day trading in general, but you shouldn’t attempt to day trade futures on a consistent basis unless you feel

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