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Mike Seery’s Daily Commodity Comments For 8-23-19

Soybean Futures—Soybean futures in the November contract settled last Friday in Chicago at 8.79 a bushel while currently trading at 8.62 down about $0.17 for the trading week as prices are hovering right near a 3 month low. I have been recommending a bearish position from the 8.80 level and if you took that trade continue to place the stop…

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AgMaster 8-23-19

DEC CORN   Another bearish report from the USDA has brought Dec Corn all the way back from Where it started up – back in […]

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Limit Up/Limit Down Rule–Look At Hogs

TRADING THEORY—This is an outstanding rule to understand as when a market trades limit down such as what cotton did in today’s trading session that tells you there is a high probability that prices will open lower on the open in tomorrow’s trading session as buying limit down is a fool’s game. Remember when a market closes limit down there…

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Home Runs DO Exist! – RBOB Seasonal Window CLOSES – August 22, 2019

See the seasonal explanation and technical analysis for the profitable trade in the RBOB Seasonal Spread from The Seasonal Spread Trader newsletter.

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I Remain Bullish Silver Prices

Silver Futures—Silver futures in the September contract reacted neutral off of the Federal Reserve comments about interest rates as he basically said absolutely nothing as silver prices are up $0.07 at 17.11 after settling last Friday in New York 17.12 an ounce basically unchanged for the trading week. I have been recommending a bullish position over the last couple of…

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Who Is Winning the U.S.-China Trade War?

Conventional wisdom suggests that trade wars have no winners. This was certainly the case during the early 1930s as import-export tariffs helped to usher in an era of economic protectionism widely blamed for the Great Depression. The years of 2018 and 2019 are prompting many in the financial community to believe that history may be… Read more.

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Price Futures’ Jerry Gidel will appear on This Week’s in Agri-Business on August 24th and 25th

Jerry Gidel will again be a guest market analyst on This Week’s in Agri-Business TV show this coming weekend. This agricultural show is hosted by […]

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Orange Juice Lower Breaks 2 Day Winning Streak

Orange Juice Futures—Orange juice futures in the September contract is currently trading lower by 140 points at 96.50 breaking a 2 day winning streak as this market still remains bearish in my opinion. I have been recommending a bearish position in the September contract from around the 98.50 level if you took the trade continue to place the stop loss…

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Turner’s Take Podcast: CBOT Likely To Put In A Seasonal Bottom Next Week

In our latest podcast we go over our thoughts on the macro economy and why we like gold, the stocks market and the US Dollar.  Then we talk about how grains typically make a seasonal low at the end of August and why we like the corn and soybeans in Sept/Oct.  Next up is livestock and how we want to play cattle and hogs.  Finally we talk about the reversal in crude oil calendar spreads and how we want to get involved. 

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Futures Trading Technical Analysis |  Conduct a DIY Technical Trading Audit with These 10 Questions


This article on Futures Trading Technical Analysis is the opinion of Optimus Futures

Futures Trading Technical Analysis- DIY Audit

Even if you are not a technical trader, you can still ask the right questions – and use the right tools to answer them – to uncover issues with your trading approach.

Futures Trading Technical Analysis – How Much Do I Need to Know?

As any successful futures trader might tell you, both technical and fundamental analyses are concepts that can serve as tools to help you better understand markets, identify trading opportunities, and place trades based on a reasonable market thesis.

Anyone can acquire a sophisticated understanding of either discipline, but deeper levels of understanding won’t necessarily make you a better trader. Conversely,

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