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Trade Spotlight: Futures – Weekly Summary: Natural Gas

Went long the Natural Gas futures market, however the position is under pressure as the upside monentum has not picked up as anticipated.

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What Does An Inverted Market Mean? Look At Cattle

What Does An Inverted Market Mean? Its when a futures market where the nearer month contracts are more expensive than the distant months contracts as an inverted market occurs during periods of shortages. Typically, the further months are more expensive because the goods have the additional costs of insurance, storage, and interest costs incurred in borrowing funds to hold the…

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Turner’s Take Podcast: Transitioning to Wide Ranging Consolidation

I am working from home while IL has a Stay at Home order in effect.  My office cell is 312-651-4621.  My office phone 312-706-7610 will roll over to my cell phone if you call my trade desk.  This week we talk about the steps that took place so a potential bottom could be made.  I think the market is now heading into a period of wide ranging consolidation. We talk about what to look for and why in the coming weeks for stocks, energy, livestock and grains.  Make sure you take a listen to the latest Turner’s Take Podcast!

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Why Are Coffee Prices Going Higher ?

Coffee Futures—Coffee futures in the May contract is slightly lower this Wednesday afternoon in New York down 35 points at 125.25 a pound breaking a 5 day winning streak as prices are still hovering right at a 2 1/2 month high. Coffee prices are trading above their 20 & 100 day moving average as the 100 level held once again…

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Using Futures to Capitalize on the Coronavirus Pandemic Panic

The 2020 outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has driven unprecedented participation in the global financial markets. Heavy daily traded volumes and extreme pricing volatility have become new norms. Although the risk profile is greatly enhanced, active traders are privy to rare opportunities. No matter which market you are looking at, it is highly likely… Read more.

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Another Wild Trading Session In The S&P 500

S&P 500 Futures—The wild situation in the S&P 500 continues as prices jumped nearly 11% in yesterday’s trade which was the largest percentage gain since 1933 as Congress has passed a multi-trillion dollar bill to help fight the Coronavirus helping the American people pushing prices up significantly. The volatility remains extraordinarily high as I don’t see that ending anytime soon…

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Beyond the Spotlight: March 23, 2020 (Rice, Cocoa, Cattle)

Beyond the Spotlight is a weekly video released on Mondays that spotlights two or three markets that may become trading opportunities for the week ahead. This enables you as a subscriber of the Trade Spotlight advisory service to look ahead with us, while potentially creating additional trading opportunities for yourself. The week’s video linked below… Read more.

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Cattle Prices Sharply Higher Again

Live Cattle Futures— Cattle futures in the April contract are limit up 300 points at 101.65 or 3.04% as this market is experiencing limit up or limit down days on a daily basis as the volatility is as high as I’ve ever witnessed in my 25-year career. I have been recommending a bearish position from the 124.50 level and if…

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