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The Swine Times 12/9-12/13

China looks to lower tariffs on imports as the critical date approaches. A 2.8 million head slaughter this week will likely limit upside

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Successful Trading: The Importance of a Solid Foundation

In order to be successful, you must first correctly identify the nature of the challenge, and then from that reality, intentionally build a foundation to support you for that challenge.

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OPEC Intrigue Lifts Oil Prices

The members of the OPEC rarely disappoint when it comes to their big meetings. This month, much is on the table. Will they cut more […]

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When Will The Hog Market Become A Buy ?

Lean Hog Futures—Hog futures in the February contract settled last Friday in Chicago at 68.17 while currently trading at 67.27 down about 90 points for the trading week ending on a sour note as this market remains weak despite bouncing off major support. In my opinion I’m looking at a possible bullish position as I’m currently not involved as I…

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Coffee Prices Up Over 600 Points For Trading Week

Coffee Futures—Coffee futures in the March contract settled last Friday in New York at 119.05 a pound while currently trading at 125.30 up over 600 points for the trading week as prices have now hit a 1-year high. Coffee prices have traded higher 6 out of the last 7 trading sessions as dryness in the country of Brazil has sparked…

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Limit Up/Limit Down Trading Theory

TRADING THEORY—This is an outstanding rule to understand as when a market trades limit down such as what cotton did in today’s trading session that tells you there is a high probability that prices will open lower on the open in tomorrow’s trading session as buying limit down is a fool’s game. Remember when a market closes limit down there…

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FTA2019-35 – Notice of NFX/EEX Dry Freight Matching Sessions

News Category Alert Markets What You Need To Know
Futures Trader Alert #2019-035 Nasdaq Futures
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I Remain Bullish Sugar Prices

Sugar Futures—Sugar futures in the March contract is trading higher for the 4th consecutive session after settling last Friday in New York at 12.94 while currently trading at 13.16 up about 22 points for the week continuing it’s very low volatility. Prices continually grind higher on a weekly basis and if you take a look at the daily chart the…

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Turner’s Take | Corn, Rice, and Sugar

The markets are higher today as more snow is forecast in the central US and that will further delay corn harvest.  Farmer sales also tend to slow down during the week of Thanksgiving and that can be supportive too.  Andy Daniels, the founder of Daniels Trading, has an opinion about rice today

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Coffee Prices Hit New Highs

Coffee Futures—Coffee futures in the March contract continues its bullish momentum to the upside up another 325 points at 124.50 a pound hitting a 12-month high as this is the strongest soft commodity at the current time. Presently I am not involved, however I’m certainly not recommending any type of bearish position as that would be counter-trend trading and if…

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