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Weekly Ag Markets Update – May 18, 2020

Wheat:  Wheat markets were lower for the week and the Chicago Winter Wheat markets took out support levels to turn trends down.  Improving weather around […]

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Report: Tesla plans to build a new car factory in Texas

The new factory is slated to build the Model Y crossover and the Cybertruck.

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Formula 1’s driver chaos, explained

Sebastian Vettel’s split with Ferrari has everyone switching teams.

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Technical Futures Trading Techniques Successful Traders Use

Futures trading is a discipline approached from countless perspectives by people from all walks of life. No matter your background, it’s possible to make money in the markets. All that is needed is time, risk capital, and a viable strategy. For many successful traders, technical analysis is a preferred means of engaging the markets. Interpreting… Read more.

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Weekly Ag Markets Update – May 13, 2020

Wheat: Wheat markets were a little lower for the week.  Improving weather around the world and here at home was the big reason to see […]

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Best Order Flow Indicators To Spot Buying and Selling Pressure in Futures Markets


This article on Best Order Flow Indicators is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Best Order Flow Indicators

What Indicators should you consider when reading Order Flow?  How do you identify the big player’s trades?  How to add VWOP to your market analysis 

When we trade a financial asset, we often rely on charts to identify market opportunities. We identify patterns that might give us a better sense as to where price might be heading. Our charts are like “maps,” indicating potential headwinds, tailwinds, critical levels, and turning points.

On every chart, price and time tend to be the dominant features. Indicators, though important, are variable and supplemental. Although “volume” is sometimes treated as just another “indicator,” what many traders miss is that the combination

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Turner’s Take Podcast: May WASDE Analysis

In this week’s podcast we go over the May WASDE and what it means for new crop corn and soybeans. The outlook is bearish corn and bullish soy

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How to Transition from the Stock Market to the Commodity Market

The rise of zero-commission online equities brokerage outlets has attracted thousands of active traders to the marketplace. These services promote the benefits of trading stocks in short, medium, and long time frames. For people who experience success, becoming a commodity market trader appears to be the logical next step. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re an… Read more.

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