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Can a trip to the iconic Monaco Grand Prix cure an F1 cynic?

Since COVID-19 has cancelled this year’s race, we’re reminiscing about 2019.

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People who know more about self-driving technology trust it more

More knowledge equals less fear, but confusion about the technology is rampant.

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Uber lays off 3,000 people in second big round of cuts

Uber is closing 45 offices in a bid to cut annual expenses by $1 billion.

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Report: Tesla plans to build a new car factory in Texas

The new factory is slated to build the Model Y crossover and the Cybertruck.

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Formula 1’s driver chaos, explained

Sebastian Vettel’s split with Ferrari has everyone switching teams.

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We talk esports vs. a pro racing simulator with Jaguar’s Mitch Evans

Which is harder, a million-dollar sim or a game like iRacing? The answer might surprise.

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