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Home Runs DO Exist! – RBOB Seasonal Window CLOSES – August 22, 2019

Hello Traders-

Andrew Pawielski (from Market Dimensions Advisory) and I have collaborated for a brand new newsletter focusing on seasonal future spreads.  It is called The Seasonal Spread Trader.  Feel free to sign up for this piping hot new product that is just getting started.

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Seasonal window closes – RBOB September vs October


Seasonal Window: July 10th 2019 to August 21st 2019

And there you go!!!

We entered this spread on July 10th at 0.1596

Our profit target was hit on Aug 15th at 0.1340 for a $1,075.00 profit!

Yesterday the seasonal window closed at 0.1299 for a profit of $1,247.50 if you held on.

(all profits and losses are BEFORE trading fees)


Make sure to look at ALL 3 to properly understand what we are doing and why.

FutureSource – RBOB spread idea

dt Pro – Daily Chart with TAS Tools:


sources of this material are MRCI, seasonal algo, dt pro and TAS tools.

Happy Trading,

Andrew Pawielski & Brian Cullen

Creators of Seasonal Spread Trader

Seasonal Spread Trader

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Seasonal Spread Trader – Seasonal Spread Trader is an advisory product for hybrid traders that pinpoints the unique seasonality price patterns in the commodity futures markets. The advisory leverages the extended market experience of the authors in combination with a process that overlays proprietary analytics and chart pattern recognition to identify high-probability trading opportunities. The spread trading approach offers the benefits of reduced margins and volatility as compared to trading flat price futures contracts.

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